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By DroidHead_Ryan (Twitter)

I was chatting with a fellow “Droidhead” this morning when we starting going over some recent apps we had discovered in the Android Market. One of the applications he was raving about was an app called LinkPush. LinkPush is both a Chrome extension and an Android application that will push a website from your Chrome browser to your Android Browser with a simple click.

Steps to get LinkPush to work;

  1. Get the Chrome extension here
  2. Install the extension to your Chrome browser ( it only takes a few seconds).
  3. Go to the Android market and search “LinkPush”
  4. Install the application
  5. Sign in to the extension by clicking the LinkPush icon (Google Account)
  6. Sign in to the application by doing the same

Now, you should be set up to send links to your Android device.

When in the browser simply click the LinkPush icon and it will send it to the device. When you want to see the website (via your handset) tap the app icon and it will pull up on your browser. It is that easy to do!

This application should be good for Android devices with 2.1 and above, I have not tested or seen information is it works on 1.6 or below.

BY: Katherine Lawson (kathi17)

When I first saw these headlines, my mind went through a whole range of feelings about this.

Since I really don’t like Motorola phones, I started out feeling the same way as I did when I saw that the iphone, (which I also don’t really like), wasn’t getting flash, and the way I felt when I saw that AT&T was replacing Google with Yahoo on their Android Devices. I happen to be an HTC, Google and T-Mobile fangirl. (Although I can’t make myself like Chrome, so I still use Firefox).

Now, as I think about this more, I am starting to think that competition is good, and so is an open system which allows the competition in. Competition makes these companies improve, and choice makes things better for us. Just look at how the iphone is trying to play catch up to Android after stagnating. Would Apple have bothered to add cut and paste and so many other features if it hadn’t been for Android? With Garmin, Skyhook, and all of the other systems being put on phones, will we soon be able to use Google Navigation without a cellphone signal? I absolutely love Google Navigation, but I also live in Maine where cellphone signals are terrible. We like to go up into the woods and follow the logging roads to pristine uninhabited lakes. If you’ve ever been up on those logging roads, then you will know how wonderful it would be to be able to follow them with GPS and satellite view. Maybe with more competition, Google will figure out a way of at least caching maps so this will be possible.

Then there is the part of me who hated playing with my son’s Cliq over Christmas. I was so glad I had my G1 instead of his Cliq! If HTC keeps the Google experience and keeps making it easy for us to root our phones, and Moto uses services which are less popular and keeps locking down their systems, then I think HTC will keep getting stronger and more popular with even greater devices, and we will maybe get some of the really great HTC phones on T-Mo instead of the junk they offered us this year. I want to see T-Mo and HTC grow and expand and give me more of what I love. That little sadistic side of me loved seeing AT&T cripple their Android phones, Steve Jobs get more and more empirical, and Motorola dump some of the Google products and lock down their phones, because it made my HTC phones and T-Mobile look so much better in my eyes. I love that T-Mobile even gives it’s customers a forum for modding their phones. What other company would do that? I’m not a big fan of Verizon, and Sprint is non-existent here, so I am really jealous that they got the Evo and the Incredible, and I have a choice between the My Touch Slide, the Cliq XT, and the Garmin phone for Android devices. That Evo looks incredible! Then there is the lowly USCC getting the Desire. Who would have believed that my beloved T-Mo would be the one to offer such a bad selection when they were the first to adopt Android? They got one really great phone, the HD2, and they ruined it by putting WM 6.5 on it.

There is another part of me which is getting a little bit nervous about Google’s ambitions. As much as I like Google, they are, after all, a company who needs to make money, and most of their money comes from our information. That doesn’t exactly make me feel completely warm and cozy about them. This year, they came out with Google Buzz, and it intruded on our privacy in the same way that Facebook is doing, and they also started talking about other ambitions as well. For many reasons, I wasn’t crazy about the way that Google marketed the Nexus One either. Maybe a few companies and carriers using some of the competition on Android phones isn’t a bad thing. As much as I like Google, they do need to be kept in check, and hopefully competition will make Android keep getting better and better, and will help to keep Google from becoming a company which makes me nervous.


Right after I submitted this I saw the news about Samsung ditching Google services for Yahoo. Since I will probably never buy another Samsung device, I guess I feel the same way
about that news, as I did about the Motorola/Skyhook news. Maybe it will be good for HTC, and competition isn’t bad. The market will sort all of this out, and we, the users will be the       ones who choose what we want.

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Keep your bookmarks with you everywhere!

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By Katherine Lawson (kathi17)

Since it first came out, I have been using the browser extension Xmarks. It was originally called Foxmarks, and was an extension for the Firefox browser, but has recently expanded to include Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari, and changed its name to Xmarks.http://www.xmarks.com/about/features

Once you have installed the extension and logged into their site, Xmarks begins backing up your bookmarks to their site. This only takes a few minutes, even if you have thousands of bookmarks in lots of folders and sub folders. Once your bookmarks are on their site, whenever you add more bookmarks, or rearrange yours, they are automatically synced with their server. You can install the extension on all of your browsers/computers, and once you log in with the new computer or browser, your bookmarks will be automatically synced with that browser/computer.

If you are browsing from someone else’s computer and need to show them something, just log in at xmarks.com, and you will see your bookmarks on their server, listed exactly as they are on your computer. If you dual-boot into other OS’s such as Linux, the extension still works, so you still have your bookmarks with you.

There are a number of other features which I don’t use, such as syncing your open tabs from work so you can go right back to them when you get home, password keepers, and other features. You can read about them on their site.

Even though this extension isn’t an Android App, it is very useful for your phone. Just login toxmarks.com, or mobile.xmarks.com, and make a bookmark on your phone. Just click on your xmark bookmark, and instantly you can go to any site you have bookmarked on your computer. This is especially nice when you flash ROMs or change phones a lot. All you have to do is go to one site, and you have access to your bookmarks again.

As in my last review, this was also a quick and simple review, but sometimes quick and simple is better. This is an extension which is extremely useful, and requires almost no input from you to work. I used to periodically save the .html file of my bookmarks as a backup, and keep the .html file on a flash drive for when I switched to my laptop, but it was a clunky solution. It also wouldn’t work from a phone. With xmarks, I now feel like I have my computer every where I go.

Droidforums.net Drama

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By: Anonymous (Android Mafia)

Posted on Droidforums.net this morning 4-13-2010 :

Well tonight in conjuction with MDW Droidforums is proud to present BlackDroid V10 for the Motorola Droid! This ROM is fast and stable! I spoke with BlackDroid earlier as well as the beta testers and they have all said. That this one is by far his best effort! Tonight is also our first time working inconjunction with mydroidworld. We would like to extend a special thanks to them and thier staff as well as BBCrackman for helping to get this done! We are excited to work together in the future as well!”

SO here goes: since the very website previously refereed to has landed right in the middle of a giant bowl of turd soup, let’s name and shame. Droidforums have been deleting post prior to today! Droidforums (self-important only, important to no other) placed their self-right in the mix of the BlackDroid Ultimate Droid drama from the onset.

All anyone really remembers is that BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid asked that his Rom be removed from the Rom Manger (developed by Koush)
***** (the truth behind this would be a great read)*****

The drama began when BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid started to cry because his Rom had not been removed swiftly enough or to his liking. BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid and his crew of titty-babies began the twitter cries, and the  sh** stirring in other forums. Koush followed with a classy move.

Koush removed the BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid wanna be Rom from the paid version of Rom Manager and made BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid available in the free version of Rom Manager. Afterall BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid cried it was not about the money.  *cough*cough*B.S*

BlackDroid and his gang of thugs cried in many other forums posting that Koush wouldn’t respond, to request previously made.  Other forums allowed the postings by these hoodlums, and even allowed the ridicule to stay posted until it was requested by many to be removed. Not DroidForums.net these inept baboons ban at log-in, ban based on bias.  Even going so far as to derive that bias opinion to ban from post that existed prior to the drama depending upon the favoritism of the poster.

Currently being banned for the 3rd time today alone by droidforums.net, I am unable to view their terms of service or usage legal mumbojumbo.  I would be surprised if droidforums have not violated their own legal agreement with all the bans and deleted post.

To allow one side to post their opinions uncensored and not allow equal postings to the other side is communist .  This is America!  Wake the F up driodforums!

I would like to see the android community shut down the likes of droidforums and all it’s associates and mouthpieces.  Afterall,..it’s the droid community that suffers from such trash!!!

Hey DroidForums.net ,MDW mydroidworld., BlackDroid, BBCrackman still excited now?

Poll: THE Internet Radio app for Android!

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Well it is another week with another poll. This week will be YOUR choice of “THE Internet Radio app for Android.

Below is a list of applications you can find on our beloved Android Market.

No more Blah Blah Blah’ing lets get down to it!

Vote for one or more of your favorite Internet Radio apps.

Poll closes Friday @ 5:00pm EST

ENJOY! [:)<