Manually update your Droid to 2.1 (non-Rooted)

Posted: March 31, 2010 by werandroid in Uncategorized

Like we reported yesterday Verizon has started rolling out the Android 2.1 update to Droid owners. Well, if you have an un-rooted device you can manually update your droid with the steps below.

Please keep in mind that WeRAndroid is not responsible for the destruction of your device. If you are not comfortable with doing this, DO NOT! Any harm done to your device is solely your issue, sorry.

Pulled from PhoneArena

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1) Make sure that you don’t have any past file located on your phone’s microSD memory card. If there is one, delete it.
2) Download the new file using your PC and transfer it to the main root directory on the DROID’s microSD memory card. Do NOT place it in any sub-directory or rename the file to something else.
3) Power the phone off.
4) Slide open the phone so you can see the keyboard.
5) Press-and-hold the letter X on the keyboard and press the Power button until the device powers on.
6) Continue to hold the Power and X button until the screen shows a triangle and exclamation mark.
7) Release the Power and X button.
8) Press the Volume UP *and* Camera buttons at the same time. Be sure to keep the phone open.
9) On the screen you will see several choices, use the d-pad on the keyboard to move down the list and select the “” file.
10) The update process will begin and will take a few minutes to load.
11) Once it is done, select the 1st option on the screen to Reboot the phone – NOT Factory Restore.
12) The phone will turn off and then restart, and the “DROID EYE” will show for about 2-5 minutes.
13) After the Home Screen loads, everything will be intact, including programs and settings.
14) Turn phone back off, remove the battery, wait 1 minute, replace battery and turn phone on.
15) Go into Settings, About Phone and scroll down. It should list Firmware version 2.1-update1, Build number ESE81.

We do not have a Droid here at WeRAndroid but we have heard from others that have NON-ROOTED devices, that this works great. Let me us know if this worked for you in the comments below.

Oh yeah, and enjoy. 😉


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