HTC Legend unboxing!

Posted: April 2, 2010 by werandroid in Uncategorized

The guys over at have gotten themselves a nice little surprise, the HTC Legend. If you are familiar with the Legend then you can  skip to the video, if you are not then please feel free to read ahead.

The HTC Legend is an Android device with HTC Sense 2.1. It sports a 3.2 inch screen, 3.5mm headphone jack, 5MP camera and 6oo MHz processor. The Legend is looked at like the sibling of the HTC Hero.  This device does work on HSPA and WCDMA bands of 900 / 2100 MHz which means no 3G for the US, but it will work as far as EDGE. The Legend is also some what of a big deal because it is cut from a single piece of aluminium.

This is a quick unboxing video with more to come from PocketNow.

Via: Pocket Now

  1. pocketeer says:

    Good post and sharing

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