What is THE Twitter app for Android?

Posted: April 8, 2010 by werandroid in Uncategorized

By: Ryan Mills (DroidHead_Ryan)

I know, I know we probably go through this question ever 45 days. With updates and mergers it happens ALOT!

Lets take a look now at “What is THE Twitter app for Android”.

Below is a poll showing the “Top Rated” and “Top Used” Twitter apps on the Android Market. It is as easy as picking one application that you think is the best. If you like more than one – like me – than pick two or three or four! It is up to you, the voice of the Android community.

>(:] Enjoy!

  1. lovetotext says:

    Twidroid pro all the way, lets me view the “conversion” of people

  2. richard says:

    So does twicca

  3. Grayfox814 says:

    If twicca allowed me to change the led color on my n1, it would get my vote, while I like touiteur’s ui a lot I like twicca’s widget more

  4. mrwass says:

    Seesmic is the way…

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