Droidforums.net Drama

Posted: April 13, 2010 by werandroid in Uncategorized

By: Anonymous (Android Mafia)

Posted on Droidforums.net this morning 4-13-2010 :

Well tonight in conjuction with MDW Droidforums is proud to present BlackDroid V10 for the Motorola Droid! This ROM is fast and stable! I spoke with BlackDroid earlier as well as the beta testers and they have all said. That this one is by far his best effort! Tonight is also our first time working inconjunction with mydroidworld. We would like to extend a special thanks to them and thier staff as well as BBCrackman for helping to get this done! We are excited to work together in the future as well!”

SO here goes: since the very website previously refereed to has landed right in the middle of a giant bowl of turd soup, let’s name and shame. Droidforums have been deleting post prior to today! Droidforums (self-important only, important to no other) placed their self-right in the mix of the BlackDroid Ultimate Droid drama from the onset.

All anyone really remembers is that BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid asked that his Rom be removed from the Rom Manger (developed by Koush)
***** (the truth behind this would be a great read)*****

The drama began when BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid started to cry because his Rom had not been removed swiftly enough or to his liking. BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid and his crew of titty-babies began the twitter cries, and the  sh** stirring in other forums. Koush followed with a classy move.

Koush removed the BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid wanna be Rom from the paid version of Rom Manager and made BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid available in the free version of Rom Manager. Afterall BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid cried it was not about the money.  *cough*cough*B.S*

BlackDroid and his gang of thugs cried in many other forums posting that Koush wouldn’t respond, to request previously made.  Other forums allowed the postings by these hoodlums, and even allowed the ridicule to stay posted until it was requested by many to be removed. Not DroidForums.net these inept baboons ban at log-in, ban based on bias.  Even going so far as to derive that bias opinion to ban from post that existed prior to the drama depending upon the favoritism of the poster.

Currently being banned for the 3rd time today alone by droidforums.net, I am unable to view their terms of service or usage legal mumbojumbo.  I would be surprised if droidforums have not violated their own legal agreement with all the bans and deleted post.

To allow one side to post their opinions uncensored and not allow equal postings to the other side is communist .  This is America!  Wake the F up driodforums!

I would like to see the android community shut down the likes of droidforums and all it’s associates and mouthpieces.  Afterall,..it’s the droid community that suffers from such trash!!!

Hey DroidForums.net ,MDW mydroidworld., BlackDroid, BBCrackman still excited now?

  1. brent says:

    OMG this is perfect!!! the same “site” that copy/pasted out forum… That used us as a filesharing until we blocked it by making any downloads from them say they stealing from us, and that let BlackDroid go post there AFTER we banned him from putting Warez in his Rom’s after we kept telling him to take it out team’ed up w/ the kanged of all “sites”!!! This is perfect!!! Not to mention why would an Android site have a iphone section… MyDroidWorld want to answer that? Also want to answer to the many things you’ve STOLEN from us… Looks, layout, works… But hey… Keep giving me credit for doing a Rom… haha!!! FTFWB!!!

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