Keep Your HTC Desirable With The Right Protection

Posted: April 13, 2010 by werandroid in Uncategorized

By:  Nat  (No site available)

If you’re one of those lucky devils that have managed to get their hands on the beautiful brand-spanking new HTC Desire, you’re probably going to want to make sure you keep it as safe and secure as possible – especially when it comes to that huge 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen, just begging for something to scratch it and leave it ruined forever.  Here’s a bit of info on methods of protecting your phone and its screen using different types of HTC Desire case which will ensure your phone is safe whilst keeping it still looking pretty darn desirable.

For lovers of simplicity comes the immensely practical, superbly straightforward and ever-so aptly named PDair Leather Pouch for HTC Desire.  Stylish and discreet, this simple carry pouch can be placed in a bag, briefcase or pocket, or alternatively can be attached to your dashboard using a car mount.  Made of soft, supple natural leather so it doesn’t scuff your phone, the pouch also has custom cut-outs to allow access to the most important controls.

The Noreve Tradition A Case is a great choice for something a little more executive and sophisticated.  This top quality leather case has an extra slot for credit cards, making it perfect for business, as well as giving access to all of the important bits of the phone – including headphone jack, camera lens and dock connector.  It also comes complete with a magnetic closing clip and detachable belt clip, so you can keep your phone secure and close to you at all times.

But my favourite, and probably yours too if you fancy something a bit less bulky and intrusive, is the FlexiShield Skin.  It’s available in a range of colours, to suit your personality and mood, and will cling so tightly around the curves of your phone that it hardly adds any bulk.  The case is made of a strong and durable silicone which fits snugly around the handset, protecting it from knocks throughout the day and even catering for the HTC’s charismatic “chin”, ensuring the ultimate in protection.  The case has a rubbery texture to give extra friction, helping you keep a grip on your baby even in the slipperiest of situations; and if the worst happens and you do drop it, the case should absorb the worst of the shock.

Whatever the right choice is for you, there are tons of HTC Desire cases available on the market.


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