Keep your bookmarks with you everywhere!

Posted: April 21, 2010 by werandroid in Uncategorized

By Katherine Lawson (kathi17)

Since it first came out, I have been using the browser extension Xmarks. It was originally called Foxmarks, and was an extension for the Firefox browser, but has recently expanded to include Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari, and changed its name to Xmarks.

Once you have installed the extension and logged into their site, Xmarks begins backing up your bookmarks to their site. This only takes a few minutes, even if you have thousands of bookmarks in lots of folders and sub folders. Once your bookmarks are on their site, whenever you add more bookmarks, or rearrange yours, they are automatically synced with their server. You can install the extension on all of your browsers/computers, and once you log in with the new computer or browser, your bookmarks will be automatically synced with that browser/computer.

If you are browsing from someone else’s computer and need to show them something, just log in at, and you will see your bookmarks on their server, listed exactly as they are on your computer. If you dual-boot into other OS’s such as Linux, the extension still works, so you still have your bookmarks with you.

There are a number of other features which I don’t use, such as syncing your open tabs from work so you can go right back to them when you get home, password keepers, and other features. You can read about them on their site.

Even though this extension isn’t an Android App, it is very useful for your phone. Just login, or, and make a bookmark on your phone. Just click on your xmark bookmark, and instantly you can go to any site you have bookmarked on your computer. This is especially nice when you flash ROMs or change phones a lot. All you have to do is go to one site, and you have access to your bookmarks again.

As in my last review, this was also a quick and simple review, but sometimes quick and simple is better. This is an extension which is extremely useful, and requires almost no input from you to work. I used to periodically save the .html file of my bookmarks as a backup, and keep the .html file on a flash drive for when I switched to my laptop, but it was a clunky solution. It also wouldn’t work from a phone. With xmarks, I now feel like I have my computer every where I go.


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