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By DroidHead_Ryan (Twitter)

I was chatting with a fellow “Droidhead” this morning when we starting going over some recent apps we had discovered in the Android Market. One of the applications he was raving about was an app called LinkPush. LinkPush is both a Chrome extension and an Android application that will push a website from your Chrome browser to your Android Browser with a simple click.

Steps to get LinkPush to work;

  1. Get the Chrome extension here
  2. Install the extension to your Chrome browser ( it only takes a few seconds).
  3. Go to the Android market and search “LinkPush”
  4. Install the application
  5. Sign in to the extension by clicking the LinkPush icon (Google Account)
  6. Sign in to the application by doing the same

Now, you should be set up to send links to your Android device.

When in the browser simply click the LinkPush icon and it will send it to the device. When you want to see the website (via your handset) tap the app icon and it will pull up on your browser. It is that easy to do!

This application should be good for Android devices with 2.1 and above, I have not tested or seen information is it works on 1.6 or below.