HTC Desire ships for Orange Austria!

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Thanks to on of our awesome readers (Alexander Marschitz) we have a pic of the boxed HTC Desire from Orange Austria. I don’t know about you all but this is the first I have seen the Desire in the hands of an average Joe -meaning he is not some CTO of a mobile carrier.

The Desire has similar specs as the HTC Google Nexus One with a 3.7 AMOLED display, 1GHz processor and Android 2.1. Some of the nice things it may have over the Nexus One is the 2.1 version of HTC Sense UI and a optical trackpad.It is all dependent on taste.

Enjoy your new HTC Desire Alex!


Keep Your HTC Desirable With The Right Protection

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By:  Nat  (No site available)

If you’re one of those lucky devils that have managed to get their hands on the beautiful brand-spanking new HTC Desire, you’re probably going to want to make sure you keep it as safe and secure as possible – especially when it comes to that huge 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen, just begging for something to scratch it and leave it ruined forever.  Here’s a bit of info on methods of protecting your phone and its screen using different types of HTC Desire case which will ensure your phone is safe whilst keeping it still looking pretty darn desirable.

For lovers of simplicity comes the immensely practical, superbly straightforward and ever-so aptly named PDair Leather Pouch for HTC Desire.  Stylish and discreet, this simple carry pouch can be placed in a bag, briefcase or pocket, or alternatively can be attached to your dashboard using a car mount.  Made of soft, supple natural leather so it doesn’t scuff your phone, the pouch also has custom cut-outs to allow access to the most important controls.

The Noreve Tradition A Case is a great choice for something a little more executive and sophisticated.  This top quality leather case has an extra slot for credit cards, making it perfect for business, as well as giving access to all of the important bits of the phone – including headphone jack, camera lens and dock connector.  It also comes complete with a magnetic closing clip and detachable belt clip, so you can keep your phone secure and close to you at all times.

But my favourite, and probably yours too if you fancy something a bit less bulky and intrusive, is the FlexiShield Skin.  It’s available in a range of colours, to suit your personality and mood, and will cling so tightly around the curves of your phone that it hardly adds any bulk.  The case is made of a strong and durable silicone which fits snugly around the handset, protecting it from knocks throughout the day and even catering for the HTC’s charismatic “chin”, ensuring the ultimate in protection.  The case has a rubbery texture to give extra friction, helping you keep a grip on your baby even in the slipperiest of situations; and if the worst happens and you do drop it, the case should absorb the worst of the shock.

Whatever the right choice is for you, there are tons of HTC Desire cases available on the market.

The votes are in and have been counted, and you all have decided that “THE” Twitter application for Android is Touiteur!

In the beginning of this vote it looked like both Touiteur and Twicca may tie for THE Twitter app. In the home stretch Twicca slowly dropped while Touiteur took off. The funny thing was that Twidroid, who was gunning for the second position actually fell to forth in the last thirty minute push to Seesmic. I never thought a poll would bring a sort of NASCAR excitement to a site before.

So, ladies and gents here is you response.

What is THE Twitter app for Android?

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By: Ryan Mills (DroidHead_Ryan)

I know, I know we probably go through this question ever 45 days. With updates and mergers it happens ALOT!

Lets take a look now at “What is THE Twitter app for Android”.

Below is a poll showing the “Top Rated” and “Top Used” Twitter apps on the Android Market. It is as easy as picking one application that you think is the best. If you like more than one – like me – than pick two or three or four! It is up to you, the voice of the Android community.

>(:] Enjoy!

App Review: URL Pusher

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By: Katherine Lawson (@kathi17)

How many times have you been to a website on your computer, and wanted to visit it on your phone to download something, but the URL was so long to type out on your phone that you gave up and didn’t bother with it?

This little app by Craig Baker makes it easy to push the URL right to your phone.

Just download the app from the market, install, and run it. Then visit on your computer. You will be instructed to enter the five letter/number combination which appears on your phone when you start the app into the boxes on the website.

A little link the developer calls a bookmarklet will appear on the website, and you will be instructed to drag it to your browser’s toolbar. Whenever you get to a site you want to visit on your phone, just open the browser on your phone, click the “push:to:mobile” link on your computer browser’s tool bar, and your phone will automatically browse to that URL..

It’s fast, and simple, and so is the developer’s website. I think it will be great when I want to download a ROM or a non market app  to my phone rather than downloading it to my computer, then transferring it to my sd card. The developer recommends using it for YouTube videos and maps.

This review is fast and simple, just like the app, but there isn’t much more to say, other than it works well!

Wirefly’s Best Blog: Android 2010

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If you need a good deal on tech/mobile hardware than may be one of your next stops. Wirefly is doing an annual blog contest to find out what the readers think are the best blogs in certain areas.

From today, until April 15th they will be taking nominations from readers as to which is your favorite Android blog. You can click the link below and enter your name, email and what site you think is the best Android blog. Wirefly will than take the top blogs and pin them against each other in a vote for the public.

Want your favorite blog to be heard? Click here and nominate your favorite blog. Please, do not feel inclined to vote for WeRAndroid – we are just letting you know.

via: WireFly

LEAK: Sprint’s Moment 2 caught with TouchWiz 3.0

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Tonight seems to be a good night! One, the weather is great and all things are good in the house. Two, I receive information and pictures from a source that I can hold factual.
In the pictures below I would like to introduce you to the Sprint Moment 2. This Samsung device is said to have similar specs to the original Moment. Samsung has added one goodie that we already knew was coming, and that is the introduction of Android 2.1. The other is that they have decided to add their updated flavor of TouchWiz, known as TouchWiz 3.0.

There is more un-known than there is known at this time. What is known for sure is;
-Android 2.1
-Touchwiz 3.0
-CDMA (Sprint)
-This will not have the new Super AMOLED

Please stay tuned to WeRAndroid or @werandroid (on Twitter) for more information.