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Do you have something to say, something you know, or maybe it is just something you would like to share with the Android Community? Than you have found the right website!

WeRAndroid would love to hear from you. We would like to post your blog or review for everyone to see. Instead of starting your own Android blog without knowing how people respond to your writing or maybe you just want to share a great personal achievement after using your Android powered device. You can share it all here!

All you have to do is send an email with the following;

  • Your Name (you can remain anonymous)
  • Picture (Optional)
  • Title of the piece looking to be published
  • Body of article or review

Send that email to with SUBMIT in the title.

After it is proof read we will publish and tweet your article for the community to see and comment on.


  1. Jeff Gregory says:

    Tell you audience to nominate for Best Android Blog in Wirefly’s 2010 Blog Awards.

    Send them to this page to nominate your site:

    The more nominations your site gets, the better chance it has of becoming a finalist!

    Here’s a link to contest details:

    E-mail me if you have any questions.

    Good luck and best wishes,
    Jeff Gregory
    Director of Search Marketing

  2. Not Required (seeabove) says:

    How about telling off another “Android” website? Not community friendly hu?

  3. not required (seeabove) says:

    SO here goes: since the very website previously refereed to has landed right in the middle of a giant bowl of turd soup, let’s name and shame. Droidforums have been deleting post prior to today! Droidforums (self-important only, important to no other) placed their self right in the mix of the BlackDroid Ultimate Droid drama from the onset.

    All anyone really remembers is that BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid asked that his Rom be removed from the Rom Manger (developed by Koush)
    ***** (the truth behind this would be a great read)*****

    The drama began when BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid started to cry because his Rom had not been removed switfly enough or to his liking. BlackDroid/Ultimate Droid and his crew of titty-babies began the twitter cries, and the sh** stirring in other forums. As a result,… a classy move by Koush… followed!!! (shall I continue???????????????)

    • werandroid says:

      Do a write up and send it to the email above. I will post it for the world to see.

      That is what WeRAndroid is all about open community work by the Android community. 🙂

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